Glen Clemmons, Broker/Realtor

My name is Glen Clemmons and I am a full-time realtor in the Triangle and surrounding areas. Helping people is what I do.  I help people buy and sell their homes because I believe that homes are a gift that should be stewarded for the good of others. Homes provide safety for families, community through neighborhoods, and financial freedom through investment. Because of this belief, I make sure that I study what is important to my clients and I go out and get it for them. Helping others buy or sell a home is more than a paycheck. It is a tangible way to see how the fruit of your labor can multiply for the good of others.  Not only do I get to bless a lot of families by finding them a home, but part of my commission goes to Parkinson’s Disease research. My mom suffers from this terrible disease. Everything that I do in this job is focused on the good of others; my clients, my family, and those suffering from PD.